It is time for me to continue story about my gear. Continuing where I have stopped last time. Third guitar that was seldom used for Dichotomy Engine is Australian made Les Paul-ish guitar called Comet made by Inferno Guitars. Story about this guitar is really interesting. Some years ago I stumbled upon Inferno guitars on the internet and I was interested to do a custom guitar for me. After some time I found a way how to do it. Because my main profession is web developing and design, I helped them at Inferno guitar to make a new website and after doing that they have sent me this beautiful Comet and acoustic Songbird guitar. Inferno Comet has that unique Les Paul sound, mahogany body and sounds killer live. But this is guitar which is rarely used for DE. Just in special occasions.

Next is Squier Bullet Strat which I acquired a few months ago and it slowly becomes one of my favorite guitars. This Squier is 2009 Chinese Strat, and I know this is the cheapest strat you can get but anyway this piece is so nice. I was looking for sunburst body and that was the most important thing above all. Also playability and other things came as plus. Genuinely it had humbucker at the bridge but I have changed it to single pickup. Also this single pickup is Dimarzio HS3 and it does nice job of humbucking while sound is unique for single pickup. It was already used for some new stuff and will be used for live gigs for sure. Cant be more satisfied with such cheap guitar which does great job on both fields.

That's all for this part... More to come in part 3 - Gear for Dichotomy Engine noise making....

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noise making guitar gear / Dichotomy Engine

Well it was a long time I ranted about my gear, pedals, guitars and etc. As you may know I love guitar pedals yet I am not rich guy so every part of my gear is a cheap replica of famous and much expensive gear. But I don;t care much. Yes it would be great to have all the fancy pedals, amps and axes but hey all this gear I own does the fucking job very well too! Also I think that human technology has come to the point that all those replicas are 90% similar to the originals. Even if they are not similar this stuff give nice stamp on my music and creativity.

Here you can see my Parts Stratocaster . This guitar is entirely assembled by me, every part was bought separately and made into this strange looking sticker bombed freakish guitar (read more about sticker bombing this guitar here). It is my main guitar for live Dichotomy Engine gigs, it plays almost nicely and has a bit higher action but I love it because of the struggle while playing a gig. This gives an extra effort when I perform live. Also is pretty sturdy guitar, because it is getting beaten every time it goes on stage with me. But anyway this Frankenstrat has nice bite and cuts great thorugh the mix. All the effects sound awesome when I play it. It took time to assemble this fucker, and also i spent a lot of time to collect and put all those stickers on it. Now it looks unique and everyone wants to see this strange guitar.

Second guitar which is not so exposed is my Fender Telecaster 52 replica. This guitar is one of my dearest guitars because I got it in an exchange and then I have realized that this guitar is meant for me. Even though I was Telecaster hater when I was young his guitar found me at the right time. I used it a lot on my new recordings and I must say this one gives a hell of a sound. It can be thin or thick, bright or dark sounding. The only things to adjust are pickups and volume / tone pots. I must say this is not replica from some China manufacturer, this one is custom made with finest wood from Serbia, and this is why it can compete with all the American telecasters. A fine craft by Serbian luthier. Maybe this one go out in public on some future gigs. We will see. Until then this Tele stays in my room.

This is first part of my blog about gear I use for Dichotomy Engine... Stay tuned for next part and more stories about guitars and effects.... 
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Spleen, Dichotomy Engine, Dreddup gig in Ruma

Newest Dichotomy Engine gig is taking place in Ruma, 9 August 2014. place called Dom Omladine. I am always happy and excited to have a gig in a town where I have never been before. This time Dichotomy Engine is again sharing stage with awesome friends from Spleen and Dreddup. You will be able to buy new Dichotomy Engine t shirts and badges.
My friend Alex from Spleen was so dedicated to organize this gig and it is proudly presented by Splitting Sounds Records . This will be extreme gig and promotion of Splitting Sounds Records label and artists. You will have a chance to get a compilation promo disc from SSR.

Splitting Sounds Records  DJ set

facebook event:
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Dichotomy Engine on Toxic Cereals compilation cd

The concept of Toxic Cereals compilation is to be aware that our food is becoming more and more toxic and less natural for us to eat. Cereals was my main focus because now this food is so toxic, its almost entirely made of sugar. All the tracks on the compilation get well with one another and be sure you will enjoy while listening to this compilation. Dichotomy Engine is here with already old track Barren Fields taken from Mass Desolation EP which I think perfectly fits the theme.Thanks a lot to Daveak making this compilation possible!

Check out this compilation page here
And download it here

01. Emboe - Et je fredonne
02. Andrew Reddy - Ossuary
03. Hyuga Daichi - Kaminari
04. Vibu Guda - The Indecipherable Thoughts In Ones Head
05. Ultra Milkmaids - Snake Eyes
06. Bitter Tree - Rheasilvia
07. Anna Vo - The Condition
08. Blue Sky Hex - Sidus_Night Sky War
09. Exploding Castro Cigars - Planet Hopper(Except Pluto) Live In Benicia - Hammer All Over
10. Oliver Quincy - On and On
11. Nuclear Whale - Florence
12. Censor Reality - Tanec  rotu [Dance of the Scrap]
13. Nat├╝rlicht – Selbstzerst├Ârerisch
14. Dichotomy Engine - Barren Fields
15. Borejko - Incumbent Fear
16. Daisye - Whistlehead 1
17. Ian McKinney - Crystal Pepsi Apocalypse
18. Likeallstars - Trouble Blues (exclusive track)
19. Hellion - Sea of Trees
20. Benjamin Construct - Polyglotter
21. #A.H# - Do not leave alive anything breathable!

Toxic Cereals with track Barren Fields by Dichotomy Engine and etc

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Butterfly Tsunami song used in video project Ne racunajte na nas

I am very proud that song "Butterfly Tsunami" has found its place in the great work entitled "Do not count on us" (Ne racunajte na nas) which was made by group of students of the first generation of Basic studies Scenic architecture, art and design in Novi Sad. This project was designed for multimedia event "Borders" that talks about personal relationship to the physical, but also in other divisions in the area of contemporary existence, the role and responsibility of artists today. 

See this excellent work -

Butterfly Tsunami used for project "Borders"

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