desja lovorov orkestra / dichotomy engine subotica studio 11 gig

This is my first time to play in Subotica, and this gig will happen on saturday evening, 20th of december, Beside my performance there will be another great band - Desya Lovorov Orchestra as local support from Subotica. It will be nice to share the stage with them, and hopefully maybe we could make a jam session afterwards. Entrance is free, so come to Studio 11 and see you there on Saturday.

Dichotomy Engine | post-rock / drone / shoegaze - Novi Sad
Desya Lovorov Orchestra | swampy dadabluescore - Subotica

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Post-rock noise drone Dichotomy Engine gig

Last gig at CK13 which I played as a support band to Death Rattle was simply awesome. First of all, I was honestly honored to play before UK Death Rattle and secondly this time I really tried to give my best performance yet. Somehow it all went great! A lot of fans were there, they loved my performance and my newly created projections which followed my playlist. Thank you all who liked my music and who supported my act. After DE finished Death Rattle came on the stage and they blew us all away with their excellent performance and great songs. Band which deserves a lot more attention. They gave us a bit more than hour of gig. Thanks guys! They were very nice people and it was a pleasure to meet them and spend time before the gig and after with them. We all had very enjoyable time. I hope we will share the stage again somewhere in near future. Again it was proven that this kind of music has a fanbase, and no matter how big or small it is, it "pays off" to push forward and play gigs no matter what.

Live at CK13 - death rattle, uk

Awesome gig Dichotomy Engine live drone shoegaze noise performance
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Death Rattle in Serbia and Dichotomy Engine

It is time to announce this awesome gig with UK band Death Rattle. It will happen at 22 november and the place is known - CK13, 22h.
There is not much to say because band like Death Rattle can be described, they must be heard live. They are on tour promoting their new album "In Shade".
I am really glad to perform as local support act, it will be great to meet them and to enjoy this awesome band's music and performance. Don't hesitate and get to CK13 in Novi Sad on 22nd november. Also Death Rattle has a gig day before in Belgrade so anyone who is there, can go and see them also. Can't wait until saturday! Dichotomy Engine will start the gig so BE THERE @ 22h!

Death Rattle website:

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Gig at Pelican Int Social Exchange was great experience. I have performed here for the first time. It is not unusual because this is fairly new club. Anyway Alen Ilijic started the gig first gave us an awesome performance! I really loved it and was very excited to see what he does with the guitar and amp. Truly an avant garde performance full of energy, and the sound which moved everybody who was there. It was really hard for me to take the stage after Alen. But after a few minutes it was great and I loved it. Crowd was small but great. Thank you all! I'd love to come there again. Here are some photos for you to see how it was.

Alen Ilijic Live at Pelican Int Social Exchange

Pelican Int Social Exchange Alen Ilijic

Avant garde noise performance  Alen Ilijic

Pelican Int Social Exchange gig dichotomy engine

live noise post-rock drone novi sad dichotomy engine

dichotomy engine at Pelican Social Exchange gig

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Upcoming gig will happen at Pelican International Social Exchange in Novi Sad - 15 october 2014.  This club is fairly new but it will be an awesome place to host a gig like this. It will be great to share the stage with Alen Ilijic. Based on avant-garde intentions, experimental music by Alen Ilijić is created under his own rules negating the need for any compromise. In Ilijić’s performances body motion has a major role as an inclusion in performing arts. Guided by intuition, his performances ended up with a broken piano and injured, bloody hands. See you there!

Dichotomy Engine | post-rock / drone / shoegaze - Novi Sad
Alen Ilijic | avant-garde / experimental / noise - Novi Sad

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