This short performance at Sinagoga in Novi Sad was also a sudden gig and it was a pleasure to play for children and people who were here. Hearts in Hearmony festival is inclusive festival and I gladly accepted and invite from my friend Ivan to perform. I thank Ivan and all the people who were included in organizig this event, I was really honored to do my kind of ambient improvisation for all the kids and adults that day. You can see the photos and youtube video how it was that evening in Sinagoga. Dichotomy Engine out.

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Here are some photos from gig at Pelican Int. 

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Last Saturday Dichotomy Engine had a gig at klub Dvoriste. Being the only performer that night was not so fun, I prefer to have gigs with more bands or projects beside DE. It is not a problem for me to perform alone but it is more fun and its just nicer to have someone to drink and have a laugh with while preparing for gig. Also I love to listen to other artists and enjoy others music before or after my performance. People who came to see and listen to DE were ok, majority of them do not know this kind of music but some of them enjoyed which is great. I had some technical problems (my power supply for pedals broke in the middle of the gig) so that was a setback also some tech things were sloppy. Anyway check out these few photos of the gig from klub Dvoriste, Hope this next gig will be much better! 

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Saturday evening I will have unplanned gig at klub Dvoriste. I've god a phone call from organizer who asked me if I will fill in some other band that declined their gig. So now you will be able to see and hear Dichotomy Engine once more. There is no other performers or bands, so this gig is reserved for DE and DJ Gemini who will play music before and after the show. See you at Dvoriste.

DJ Gemini | Metal Night Warm Up and After Party
Dichotomy Engine | ambient / nosie / drone / shoegaze

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Dichotomy Engine is back to Pelican Int. Social Exchange club at the end of 2015. Maybe you remember last year when I performed with Alen Ilijic at Pelican, this was really awesome gig. You can read and see some photos from that gig here
So this time Dichotomy Engine is performing with a friend - Sifr Shraddha who is main man behind project called Plamen Večnosti. Music which he creates can be described as spiritual ambient, ritual noise. In one word Ascending of Nameless Beauty. Check his work on his facebook page.

Plamen Večnosti | spiritual ambient / ritual noise - Zrenjanin
Dichotomy Engine | noise ambient / drone shoegaze - Novi Sad

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I would like to thank my supporters and friends for taking these photos wearing Dichotomy Engine t shirts. Here they are!

Alen Gubicak 

Dejan Milosevic

Dejan Stastni

Joakim Cederholm

Mihajlo Obrenov

Nenad Popovic

Predrag Karanjac

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Guitar pedal distortion sticker bomb

Somehow I got addicted to sticker bombing after my sticker bomb guitar project (you can see it here). It was really great thing to spend time and gather so many kinds of stickers and every day to stick some of them on parts of the body on my guitar. So guided by this great experience I decided to do same thing to this distortion pedal. So as you can see this was a much smaller project than guitar but nevertheless it came up really nice. I decided to make this pedal all covered in Dichotomy Engine stickers I made earlier - (check them here) and to make it somehow a signature DE pedal :) of course this is just for fun. I love how it turned out in the end. I have some more small things to do with it but 90% of sticker bombing of this guitar pedal is already done. Maybe it needs to be covered with a coat of something, some shit that will keep all this small parts of stickers together. Do you like it?

guitar pedal sticker bombed

stickered guitar pedal distortion stickered
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This is second series of my Dichotomy Engine stickers for sticker bombing my stuff and for some kind of guerrilla marketing for Dichotomy Engine. Check them out and use them free if you want!

Dichotomy Engine stickers series 02
Dichotomy Engine stickers noise drone shoegaze

Dichotomy Engine stickers Serbian drone ambient noise

Dichotomy Engine stickers Serbian drone ambient noise

Dichotomy Engine stickers Serbian drone ambient noise

Dichotomy Engine stickers Serbian drone ambient noise

Dichotomy Engine stickers crushing your ears with noise

Noise one small step Dichotomy Engine stickers

Dichotomy Engine stickers noise drone shoegaze

Dichotomy Engine stickers - this is not MERZBOW!

Dichotomy Engine stickers 2

Dichotomy Engine stickers - music is dead. gun

Dichotomy Engine stickers - open your ears - queen of england

Dichotomy Engine stickers - tribute to Syd Barret - experimental music

Dichotomy Engine stickers - dare to explore noise music

Dichotomy Engine stickers - i wish your noise here

Dichotomy Engine stickers - fight your instrument

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