dichotomy engine badges pins

Newest thing with Dichotomy Engine are these great badges and stickers. I always loved badges, I was wearing them as a kid and later as teenager who was into metal music. I was proud to have a badge of my favorite band. But after some time, badges weren't there anymore and I am happy to see them going back in "fashion" again. Last few months I really wanted to do some nice badges but something always got in the way (money or time or something). But last week I finally did it, I made the design and after 5 days they came from manufacturing. Two versions are made - one with full moon as a background and just Dichotomy Engine logo, and the other with logo and a photo of my live performance. Both versions came out great. Then I posted a photo on my facebook page and gave about 30 of these badges for free to Dichotomy Engine fans who shared and commented this photo :). It was a huge success and I am really glad about it. Thank you all! 
Also a few days ago I made some nice stickers for sticker bombing my stuff and for some kind of guerrilla marketing. I was already sent some stickers to fans who got badges and now I will give them to all the others who want to spread the stickers across the city and all other places and cities, towns. Also many of my friends and fans also love these stickers! I already started to plant them in civil transportation and other places. Also some of those firstly landed on my sticker bombed stratocaster frankenstein guitar. Next thing is to make t shirts. I have already made a design, the only question is to find best and not expensive manufacturer to make them.
New live show is coming soon and I hope that Dichotomy Engine will have badges and t shirts which will be there for fans to buy.

dichotomy engine stickers, noise sticker bombing

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BIR radio played Dichotomy Engine on ispod povrsine episode 13

I just realized that Dichotomy Engine's song Butterfly Tsunami was featured on Internet radio show Ispod Povrsine (Bellow the surface) on Belgrade Internet Radio. That is great!
Thanks to Branislav Nikolic , Manitu Mirotońćivi, Profesor Baltazar.

You can see who was also featured in episode number 13 -

and download whole episode (300M, 256 kbps) -http://www.mediafire.com/download/z27si88mo7eodmp/Ispod_Povrsine_Ep_13.rar
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Dichotomy Enginelive shoegaze noise

I am slowly working and finishing new Dichotomy Engine album, time is irrelevant with that in mind I dont care when it will be done. This period is one of the best since DE exists because more and more people are getting introduced to my music, live gigs and other stuff... Its really awesome to see that some people are supporting this madness and I thank you all. This new stuff, new album is dedicated to all of you. Besides that , as you can see there is real mess when I make some new music, also you can see my pedalboard which is constantly changing. I have some new pedals like wah wah, leslie rotary effect, big muff pi. Pedalboard is satisfying my live gigs and I am able to produce a wide range of sounds. The only thing I will add , I hope soon, is a looper pedal. There are some nice loopers out there, and I love those small ones like ditto, jammam and today I saw hotone wally looper which is the smallest. Also there is new guitar among my guitar arsenal. I found an awesome Squier Strat and bought it for low price. This guitar was not even played. Its like new so I am happy with my purchase. Love this awesome guitar. Sunburst body gives it such classic touch which I adore. Now I am looking forward for more gigs, one is already scheduled in May 3rd.  Ok, I have to go now, see ya later my friends droners noisers and shoegazers.
Dichotomy Engine guitars and pedals

live noise drone music  shoegaze Dichotomy Engine

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Dichotomy Engine live performance in Zombie Klub

It's been a long time since I have visited Becej. Thanks to dreDDup I was able to do it again and this time it was my first performance in Becej and in klub Zombie. Becej is nice town, I am sad because I had no time to check it out better but anyway an hour of walk through it was great. Klub Zombi is really nice small club, I love how the walls of the club are painted (zombies of course). Stage was just enough for a place like this. As usual I did what I do best. Make noise, stomp pedals, play with bow, kicking and smashing my guitar. It was crazy as always. Not one of my best performances but satisfying one. Somehow people here were not ready for this kind of drone noise music and were annoyed, but hey this is Serbia! Nothing unusual. After my set, dreDDup got up on the stage and did their best. Of course people came closer and klub Zombie was not filled with zombies now :) It was nice little festival / gig and our hosts were great, thanks a lot to all the crew at klub Zombie. Thank you!

dreDDup live performance

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the black wave compilation

Dichotomy Engine is participating on today released compilation Balkan Under The Radar vol. 2: The Black Wave! Check out this awesome compilation!

Compilation Balkan Under The Radar vol. 2: The Black Wave has had a goal of discovering new interesting names, mainly from Serbia, but also from other former Yugoslav republics, with our residents and friends, of course. We wanted to expand our family! The most important thing is that we’ve shown there are a lot of talented people in the region, with completely different views of the world. We have also made many collaborations and new friendships. Another goal was to blend together 2 alternative currents that are often divided: bands (live) and electronic (producers), because we believe music knows no limits or boundaries and for a smart man, even mosquito is music. We managed to gather around artists from all over ex-Yugoslavia! As far as genres are concerned, the compilation is very diverse. Most of the songs are exclusively made for this compilation, and none of them were previously published. We give you this compilation for free, and in return you can share it with your friends. . This year it was supported by 3 emminent musicians, Nikola Vranjkovic, Goribor and Mizar, big thanks to them for helping establish our wave.

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