Masque Of Betrayal - Masque of Betrayal
Andi J Fredes - De Corazón
The Bending Tree - Aberration
Prion - Eliminate the Suffering
La Ola Que Quería Ser Chau - Patas de Rana
Exhumed Alive - Damned Cadaver pt1 (The Decay)
Krig - Stop the Manipulation (Feat Luke Renno)
Dichotomy Engine - Out on This Land
Flactorophia - Putrid Fantasies
FoolNoOneTrio - Face Your Fears
Severino Roucco - Dark Siluet
Sueños De Diarrea - Anneliese’s Song
Neurotica - Delicate Fantasy
Maquinaria Orgánica - Avestruz Agonizando (Feat Modesto Rodríguez)
The Kühne/Svinth Project - Najs Noies Tre
Vomitous Discharge - Puking out demons with the power of Christ
Requiem Aeternam - Wisdom
The Apocalyptic Fist of the Black Death - Reaching for The Ground
Senda Negra - Parasito
Exodo Gospel Rock - Lo Eterno es para Siempre
Deus Ceyrion - Ceyrion
Charrua - Live into Eternity
Nameless - Lunes
Maldito Maniquí - Desde al Revés


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