This is a long waited net release of the compilation dedicated to trash folk Ex Yugoslavian icon Lepa Brena. 20 different bands decided to cover Lepa Brena in their own style. This net experiment was started in the 2008. and it went down pretty slow because the artists needed time to record the cover songs. Some of the announced artists never mailed us their covers so we might do a vol.2 of this compilation in the future, who knows. This is a totally non-profit edition. Here is Lepa Brena as you never heard her before. Enjoy!


01 Syphil - Robinja (9:38)
02 Zeta Reticulan Oath - Nezna zena (4:10)
03 Somnifera Profunda - I da odem iza le|a bogu (4:00)
04 Dichotomy Engine - Sanjam (3:06)
05 Inje - Jugoslovenka (3:41)
06 Pornhouse - Mile voli disko (4:24)
07 Osum - Djor|e kawahi (4:50)
08 Youth A.D. - Cik pogodi (4:14)
09 Claymore - Hiljadu suza (3:55)
10 dreDDup - Hajde da se volimo (4:40)
11 H - Otvori se nebo (f Syphil Sanja) (2:43)
12 Arzamas 16 - Lagano, tiho, tise (3:46)
13 Treca Debela Sas Slike - Kazna bozija (5:00)
14 Figurative Theatre - Ti si moj greh (elektro dada mix) (3:08)
15 MRT - Mace moje (2:03)
16 Ameb - Disko urnebes (2:19)
17 Lolo - Luda za tobom (2:17)
18 [C. T. D.] - Boli me uvo za sve (2:24)


19 Zaipods - Mile lovi nisko (2:03)
20 Prsendic Nikola - Cik pogodi (ft. Duka Mutha Fukam) (4:07)

file info:

size: 101mb
20 tracks - 44khz192kbps/mp3

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Yeah my friends here is new Nice Noise Compilation 4 where Dichotomy Engine is participating with song Birthday Lullaby (The Childish One).


Nice Noise IV

Dichotomy Engine - Birthday Lullaby (The Childish One)
Nothing'suss - The Special Treat
Hell Bovine- Negativity Causes Cancer
Night winD - Mistress
PRION - Clouding the Waters
Trynum - Cuando llega la noche
Masque of Betrayal - Agony
Vomitous Discharge- Facing The Deadman
Nothing's Sacred - His love
Baraque's Lord- Don't be the Nail of your Large Box
Exhumed Alive - Sewage Induced Inebreation
Extremo Unção - Extremo Unção
Sueños De Diarrea - Castidad y Pureza
Agape- Etilica
One Oreo Killed My Reeses - Bananas Fit In Your Butt
Paco Cano- Funk para Cristo (Version Instrumental)
True Wisdom - In Memoriam

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Yeah, song from the Decoding the Quasar Signals - In the Meantime has been featureand I want to send a big thanks to guys at Power Forge Radio. Thanks!
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