Yeah my friends here is new Nice Noise Compilation 4 where Dichotomy Engine is participating with song Birthday Lullaby (The Childish One).


Nice Noise IV

Dichotomy Engine - Birthday Lullaby (The Childish One)
Nothing'suss - The Special Treat
Hell Bovine- Negativity Causes Cancer
Night winD - Mistress
PRION - Clouding the Waters
Trynum - Cuando llega la noche
Masque of Betrayal - Agony
Vomitous Discharge- Facing The Deadman
Nothing's Sacred - His love
Baraque's Lord- Don't be the Nail of your Large Box
Exhumed Alive - Sewage Induced Inebreation
Extremo Unção - Extremo Unção
Sueños De Diarrea - Castidad y Pureza
Agape- Etilica
One Oreo Killed My Reeses - Bananas Fit In Your Butt
Paco Cano- Funk para Cristo (Version Instrumental)
True Wisdom - In Memoriam


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