New album called “One’s Silence…” is out today!

Today is the day, new album called “One’s Silence” is out! It’s a package of nine songs which portrait  silence within human and environment which is surrounding him. Of course, its ambiental, dark and meant for close listening.

Dichotomy Engine - One's Silence... [2009] 

"Here is the new album of Dichotomy Engine. This album will drive you through universe and the far worlds beyond. If you're interested in dark ambiental and the comsic sounds of planet dust than this is the album for you!" - Dark:Scene


01 - Begins
02 - In The Night
03 - Guide Me Afar
04 - Speaks Eerie
05 - A Vague Recollection
06 - Ancient Ghostly Ruins
07 - Sounds Like Music
08 - Is A Spiritual Universe
09 - Slowly Withering

audio files: 9 (mp3-44khz-192bpm)
artwork + info included


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