Dark:Scene from Balkan with Dichotomy Engine - Quartier23 Records

Quartier23 records have released a compilation called "Dark:Scene from Balkan". Dichotomy Engine is on the roster with "Curtains Are Falling (The Hopeless One)" song and first on the tracklist! On this compilation you will find 22 bands and projects from the Balkan-area with various styles of music: from EBM over ambient and noisy sounds to folk and metal-sounds.
Use your chance for knowing some new, great and professional working bands and projects from Europe.

01 Dichotomy Engine - Curtains Are Falling (The Hopeless One)
02 Utjeha Kose - Osvit
03 Pndc - Thin Moon (f Housework)
04 Claymore - Nothing But Straight Emotions
05 Syphil - Dead Body In My Pajama
06 f.O.F. - Hello Christine
07 DjuChong - Mali Zabac Je Umro
08 Tamerlan - Manipura (Evocation Of Amon) - The Second Coming
09 Polaris - Black Crowes
10 Asphalt Chant - Iskusenje
11 dreDDup - Return Of The TV
12 Youth A.D. - She Loves Her Suicide
13 Pornhouse - Black Square
14 Gabrijel Savic Ra - Sohrani Nas
15 Third I - Eyescream
16 MRT - You Don't Love Me
17 Figurative Theatre - Apocalyptic Mess
18 Somnifera Profunda - Sybelmine Withers
19 Children Egoism - Insekt
20 Drop Dead - Lucifer
21 Replicant Delights - Golden Land
22 Erekta - You're Stuck In My Lungs

check out it here : http://www.quartier23.org/index.php?Rubrik=portal&Inhalt=dl&nr=20

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