Dichotomy Engine on new Nice Noise 5 compilation

Yes, I want to announce that new Nice Noise V split is out and Dichotomy Engine is taking its part on it as traditional. This compilation from Uruguay is brainchild of Modesto Rodriguez and feel free to download it because it has so many good underground music! Thanks and take care my friends!

Nice Noise V

NxOxS - Foolix
Levittaz - Lei Humana
Dichotomy Engine - In The Night
Krig - God is Alive
Arian 1 - Detengan las maquinas
Troll Bends Fir - Beer Cell
Baraque's Lord - Spiritual Battle
Charrua - Be the victim through the murderer
Epic Church - Dystopia
The Apocalyptic Fist of the Black Death - You Will Live Master Track
Senda Negra - La Oscuridad Nos Muestra El Camino
Sueños De Diarrea - Sentimiento De Fe
Menso Noise - Felicidad
D-Crow & Proyecto Obelisco - Un Camino
Ataraxy - Harsh Noise against Nazis

free download!

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