Dichotomy Engine - Transcend OUT TODAY !

Hi my friends, "Transcend" is out today! It is supported and released by Dark:Scene Records, if you are interested to listen to it just go to Dark:Scene website or send me a message through myspace or email.
Anyway I would be glad to hear how you are feeling about this and of course how you feel when you listen to new DE stuff.

Dichotomy Engine - Transcend [2010]


01 - Radio Hallway
02 - Mouth
03 - Throat
04 - Spine
05 - If the Heart is Open
06 - Eyes
07 - Sleep
08 - Breast-bone
09 - In the Centre of the Brain
10 - Neck
11 - Arouse

you can download it here: http://dichotomyengine.bandcamp.com/album/transcend

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