Check out interview for SOB netzine! Drazen talks about his inspiration, musical influences, equipment and lot of other interesting stuff.

Dichotomy Engine is side/solo project of Drazen Djordjevic from Serbia. Influenced by the sound of many noise underground, electro bands and musicians like Wumpscut, Vangelis, J.M. Jarre, Raison d’ĂȘtre and similiar Drazen starts to experiment with this electro sound at the end of year 2007.

How are you doing and what’s been up lately?
Hi there, I’m doing fine, life is going in its daily routine. Last few days I had a lot of different stuff giving final touches to my new Mass Desolation EP.

What was the main reason for you to get involved into industrial/noise scene ?
To be honest it was the freedom in creation. Freedom to escape from the envelope.

Who’s your biggest music influence ?
That’s a tough one for me because I listen to wide range of music genres. I tried to think about one person or band and I can’t find any.

Where do you get inspiration from ?
Inspiration is interesting thing, it comes to me in different forms. Sometimes as a reaction to experience I felt from some other art. Other times as my own emotion.

What do you think about live performances and how often do you like to perform ?
I love live performances. Its the best way to get in touch with audience and share your creation with them. To seize the moment and give them unique experience.
Unfortunately Dichotomy Engine havent had much live gigs. Mainly because I haven’t planned for it to become live band at the start. But as time passed by I gave it a shot and it was great! I hope that number of live shows will increase.

Could you tell us what kind of equipment do you use ?
Well I don’t use much of it. Its mainly software based stuff, some electronics and some guitar effects. But until this last EP guitar was just used for live performances. Now you can hear it on the new stuff also. Oh yes I got nice drum machine last month. IT will be nice to use it in new music.

How many albums do you have so far and how your fans can get to them ?

If you count this newest release then its eight releases so far (EPs, splits, albums). Everyone who is interested to hear and get all my music can do it over Dichotomy Engine’s bandcamp page. Here –

What’s your opinion on the underground scene today, does it even exists and
do you see some originality in bands of today ?
Underground scene exists for sure. There are a lot of bands which do some interesing stuff and make even better music. There is always some new band that surprises me and lures to listen to their music. I love to dig around internet and find new unknown bands.
Originality ? Maybe. But I am not the man to answer that question.

Do you have favorite band or project ? What do you like to listen the most ?
There is no particular band or project which I will name right now. I like to explore new genres and bands. Somehow I cannot listen to same music all the time. There is always different music in my player to keep me sane. Always different favorite band or artist.

Thank you so much for the interview !
Do you have anything to add for the end to the readers of SOB magazine ?
Thank you man, it was a pleasure. Yes I have, go to Dichotomy Engine bandcamp page and check out new and old music!

Check it out on this link -

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Today I've put out new EP called Mass Desolation. It takes Dichotomy Engine to a completely new fields of sound. A lot of influences made this release as it is now. You can hear drone, noise, shoegaze stuff. Well it will be the best to check it out !
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