Industrial Festival was very good, all the bands were great and Dichotomy Engine performance after a long time was surprisingly good. Although the club wasn't filled up it did not affect the show. I must say that I am glad for playing this festival because this was first time Dichotomy Engine had two guitars on stage. Thanks to my dear Ivana, Dichotomy Engine delivered 30 minutes of madness, fuller sound and nicer visual performance. 
Other bands, Dreddup and Wolfram were awesome. I am sad because project Tearpalm which is similar to DE sound was last on the bill for the night. Check out this amazing project led by Marko Dabetić here.
Big thanks to Mihajlo and staff at club Fest. 
I am looking forward for more shows like this in near future.

You can check out the video clip from our part of the performance below.

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 After a long time Dichotomy Engine will perform again as a part of Industrial Festival entitled "We Fuck Everything You Don't" which will be held on 17th May at club Fest. On this occasion a music label Crime:Scene Records will promote alternative and experimental music from Serbia by presenting 6 bends that represent current underground stream.

They are:
Wolfram (Novi Sad) - acid rock, Novi Sad
Tearpalm (Beograd) ambient krautrock
Dreddup -(Novi Sad) massacre industrial
Dichotomy Engine (Kula) ambient drone
Crna Barbi (Novi Sad) - horror aggrotech
After party by: Mr INQUISITOR - industrial rock & post-inustrial

check out the event:
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