Stickered Stratocaster

This guitar was a project from the beginning. I had an idea to make guitar from parts I will find on the internet. So after some time, maybe month or two I had all the parts needed. Then it was no problem to make this Strat. But then I felt something was missing. I always loved sticker art and guitars from other famous guitarists who sticker up their guitars and I did few times on my other guitars. But those stickers were carefully put on guitar so the guitar wont be ruined for good. I wanted a guitar where stickers would be all over the body, so original body paint would be barely visible. Few weeks ago I've started sticker bombing this guitar, I've got a bunch of awesome sticker from my friends and my favorite brands. I thank all of them for sending me these great stickers. So after a month of fiddling with scissors, guitar and all kinds of stickers this is what my Strat looks like. I love it. Maybe I will put some additional stickers on the back of the guitar because there are still some small empty spaces but I will do it eventually. 

Stickers on the back side of Strat

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Slow Decay video

Slow Decay is first song out from upcoming album "Blood Red Progress". Somehow this song was the main choice for new video. This amazing video was made by Domagoj Kršić who gladly accepted to make it. As you can see, he made an awesome video. Check it out and give your thoughts about it, I would appreciate it. Expect some new videos soon. 
Also check out Domagoj's work on his youtube channel


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Dichotomy Engine Industrial Terror Night

Yesterday I've got a call from my friend Inquisitor asking me if I am free on February the 1st to play this INDUSTRIAL TERROR NIGHT because sadly CRNA BARBI can't make it. Well of course I am happy to play with my dear friends DREDDUP and FIGURATIVE THEATRE again. Believe me, last time when this lineup was having gig together, all the hell broke loose! I am sure it will happen again. This time you can be a part of this unique and crazy gig.

Lineup and time:
21:00 - Industrial Rock DJ set
23:00 - DREDDUP
01:00 - free activities

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