Zombies in Cold Love Fest

Dichotomy Engine live performance in Zombie Klub

It's been a long time since I have visited Becej. Thanks to dreDDup I was able to do it again and this time it was my first performance in Becej and in klub Zombie. Becej is nice town, I am sad because I had no time to check it out better but anyway an hour of walk through it was great. Klub Zombi is really nice small club, I love how the walls of the club are painted (zombies of course). Stage was just enough for a place like this. As usual I did what I do best.
Make noise, stomp pedals, play with bow, kicking and smashing my guitar. It was crazy as always. Not one of my best performances but satisfying one. Somehow people here were not ready for this kind of drone noise music and were annoyed, but hey this is Serbia! Nothing unusual. After my set, dreDDup got up on the stage and did their best. Of course people came closer and klub Zombie was not filled with zombies now :) It was nice little festival / gig and our hosts were great, thanks a lot to all the crew at klub Zombie. Thank you!

dreDDup live performance

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