Dichotomy Engine gig with Tamerlan, MRT

Upcoming gig will happen at well known crime scene CK13. But this time there will be Tamerlan, awesome neoclassical guitar oriented project by my fried Timur. A few years ago we were both in Belgrade and now he is working and living in Istanbul. This will be a nice chance to have a good time with Timur and Mikka from MRT. As you can see, Dichotomy Engine will open this awesome experimental night so if you want to listen DE be there on time!

21:00 - Industrial videos
22:20 - DICHOTOMY ENGINE | ambient drone
23:00 - MRT | dreamnoise industrial
00:00 - TAMERLAN | neoclassical gothic

event on fb: https://www.facebook.com/events/620390771347767/
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dichotomy engine badges pins

Newest thing with Dichotomy Engine are these great badges and stickers. I always loved badges, I was wearing them as a kid and later as teenager who was into metal music. I was proud to have a badge of my favorite band. But after some time, badges weren't there anymore and I am happy to see them going back in "fashion" again. Last few months I really wanted to do some nice badges but something always got in the way (money or time or something). But last week I finally did it, I made the design and after 5 days they came from manufacturing. Two versions are made - one with full moon as a background and just Dichotomy Engine logo, and the other with logo and a photo of my live performance. Both versions came out great. Then I posted a photo on my facebook page and gave about 30 of these badges for free to Dichotomy Engine fans who shared and commented this photo :). It was a huge success and I am really glad about it. Thank you all! 
Also a few days ago I made some nice stickers for sticker bombing my stuff and for some kind of guerrilla marketing. I was already sent some stickers to fans who got badges and now I will give them to all the others who want to spread the stickers across the city and all other places and cities, towns. Also many of my friends and fans also love these stickers! I already started to plant them in civil transportation and other places. Also some of those firstly landed on my sticker bombed stratocaster frankenstein guitar. Next thing is to make t shirts. I have already made a design, the only question is to find best and not expensive manufacturer to make them.
New live show is coming soon and I hope that Dichotomy Engine will have badges and t shirts which will be there for fans to buy.

dichotomy engine stickers, noise sticker bombing

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