Butterfly Tsunami song used in video project Ne racunajte na nas

I am very proud that song "Butterfly Tsunami" has found its place in the great work entitled "Do not count on us" (Ne racunajte na nas) which was made by group of students of the first generation of Basic studies Scenic architecture, art and design in Novi Sad. This project was designed for multimedia event "Borders" that talks about personal relationship to the physical, but also in other divisions in the area of contemporary existence, the role and responsibility of artists today. 

See this excellent work - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxyF12ENv1g

Butterfly Tsunami used for project "Borders"

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Dichotomy Engine collab with show 2 komada necega

This week some another one of my tracks are going to be featured on alternative Tv show called "2 komada necega" on TV Art. This is second time my music is on this Tv show. "2 komada necega" show is made by young cast and young promising director Natalija Z Zivkovic. Big thanks to her because she gave me the chance to get on it!  "2 komada necega"  is about undeground culture of acting and in unusual scripts. This episode is called "Serbia against Eurovision". Check out "2 komada necega" page and support this awesome show!



Dichotomy Engine on 2 komada necega - Srbija protiv evrovizije

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