Blood Red Progress is out -- Dichotomy Engine

Without any special pre-announcement Dichotomy Engine is releasing "Blood Red Progress" album today! This album is newest solo LP release since "Mass Desolation" EP in 2011 and "Transcend" album in 2010. It has 11 tracks and one bonus track.  This album was made slowly without any deadlines and it release date was unknown just with that reason in mind. I have decided to put it out suddenly and without any previous announcement. Also this album got its story ... well it is better to figure it out yourself. There is a lot of drone, noise, shoegaze, ambient influences which are so obvious it is redundant to mention, so just listen.

Dichotomy Engine - Blood Red Progress [2014]

Tracklist for "Blood Red Progress" album
01 - Stab in the Back
02 - Dichotomy Engine is Dead
03 - Slow Decay
04 - Blood Red Progress
05 - I Wish You Noise Here
06 - Without Regret
07 - Melody in the Noise
08 - Find Me Underground
09 - Road to Purgatory
10 - Reconciliation
11 - Ars Moriendi
12 - Butterfly Tsunami (bonus track)

As I said, the best way to learn more about it is to check it out. This is a free release and you can download and listen to it here -
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It was really nice gig at Studio 11 in Subotica. Guys from Desya Lovorov Orchestra are great guys and we had a great time before the gig. Thank you all who came and stayed the whole gig. Hope to see you soon again in Subotica. Here are a few photos from last night.

Live drone noise performance gig at Subotica by Dichotomy Engine

Dichotomy Engine live awesome gig at Studio 11

Desya Lovorov Orchestra at Studio 11

Desya Lovorov Orchestra gig at Studio 11 with Dichotomy Engine

Live jam session at the end of Dichotomy Engine and Desya Lovorov Orchestra gig

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desja lovorov orkestra / dichotomy engine subotica studio 11 gig

This is my first time to play in Subotica, and this gig will happen on saturday evening, 20th of december, Beside my performance there will be another great band - Desya Lovorov Orchestra as local support from Subotica. It will be nice to share the stage with them, and hopefully maybe we could make a jam session afterwards. Entrance is free, so come to Studio 11 and see you there on Saturday.

Dichotomy Engine | post-rock / drone / shoegaze - Novi Sad
Desya Lovorov Orchestra | swampy dadabluescore - Subotica

event on fb:
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Post-rock noise drone Dichotomy Engine gig

Last gig at CK13 which I played as a support band to Death Rattle was simply awesome. First of all, I was honestly honored to play before UK Death Rattle and secondly this time I really tried to give my best performance yet. Somehow it all went great! A lot of fans were there, they loved my performance and my newly created projections which followed my playlist. Thank you all who liked my music and who supported my act. After DE finished Death Rattle came on the stage and they blew us all away with their excellent performance and great songs. Band which deserves a lot more attention. They gave us a bit more than hour of gig. Thanks guys! They were very nice people and it was a pleasure to meet them and spend time before the gig and after with them. We all had very enjoyable time. I hope we will share the stage again somewhere in near future. Again it was proven that this kind of music has a fanbase, and no matter how big or small it is, it "pays off" to push forward and play gigs no matter what.

Live at CK13 - death rattle, uk

Awesome gig Dichotomy Engine live drone shoegaze noise performance
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